Lucky Dozens

Lucky Dozens

Lucky Dozens - The Game Changer

We are an Estonian game development company, strongly rooted in the northern European heritage and extremely well connected with the European gaming industry through Malta and the UK.

Our Vision is to be a game changer in the online gambling industry. We have developed completely new methods of business-to-business service operation. Every game in our publishing pipeline challenges the industry with never-before-seen winning models. All services, operations and development are based on our company’s fundamental core values – fair game and full transparency in co-operation with clients and partners.

Our first product, CRYPTEX, will challenge an ancient rule in lottery gaming that involves the drawing of right numbers for a prize. We have changed this completely. A CRYPTEX player may win, and even win big, without getting the numbers right.

Our key proposition is to provide our games as a service to casino operators without any financial risk. Our partner company provides an insurance that fully protects Lucky Dozens and its clients from financial losses.


Join in the excitement of one of the most visually stunning lottery games on the market. Participate in week long raffles from Monday to Sunday, where new number is selected every day and win a grand prize of € 1 200 000! Be the one of 12 lucky players in each reward category and receive additional rewards from the LUCKY DRAW! Use the button below to try a sped up DEMO version of our game!